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April 9, 2008

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I am not yet sure about the Hosting Provider because This Site gains alot of traffic and it could face CPU Over-limit Problems [They will suspend My Site] so if something happen to the new site I will come back here to wordpress [I can Export All Post & Comment so nothing to worry about].

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YOC Spring 2008 Duel Disk

March 20, 2008

YOC spring 2008 will award you Battle City Blue and academy blue Duel Disk for competing in it.

It’s a same Duel Disk you got after competing in YU-GI-OH Online Championship Summer 2007, However spring 2008 also give you a New Duel Disk for Qualifiers, It’s Blade Silver and Battle City ß Silver.


Credit Pics From BOHBONO5 Second’s Blog

*BCM = Battle City Model

Every YOC will award you a new Duel Disk for competing in it you will get it no matter you win or lose. Qualifiers and winner got the same Silver and Gold Duel Disk in every season but This season you got an old Blue Duel Disk [if you already got it from Summer 2007 you didn’t get it again]

This is first season Konami given away an Old Duel Disk and given a new duel disk to Qualifiers maybe Winner will get Blade Gold and Battle City ß Gold

I don’t know If this is the first time you are qualifiers you got 4 Duel Disk? 2 old Silver Duel Disk+2 New Silver Duel Disk? or you get only 2 old disk and after you are qualifiers again in next season you got 2 New Duel Disk?

March Event Schedule

March 7, 2008
Friday 7-9 DT Machiners again Start for second time

Wednesday 12 Championship Spring 2008 1st round begin

For other Preliminert Round Date and Time you can see it on Main Site,

Friday 14-16 GS Puppet King and Machiners Force Start again for second time

Friday 21-23 Evolution Match Green Baboon Start for second time

OCG Ban/Restrict List March 2008

February 18, 2008

OCG New Ban/Restrict List 1 March 2008 – 31 August 2008

Ban: (Not allow in Deck/Side Deck)

Witch of The Black Forest Witch
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of The Beginning –
Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End –
Chaos Sorceror
Fiber Jar
Makyura The Destructor
Sinister Serpent
Tribe Infecting Virus
Magical Scientist
Cyber Jar
Thousand Eyes Restrict
Cyber Stein
Victory Dragon
Magician of Faith***
Breaker The Magical Warrior***

Harpy’s Feather Duster
Butterfly Dagger – Elma
Mirage of Nightmare
The Forceful Sentry
Change of Heart
Painful Choice
Delinquent Duo
Cathedral of Nobles
Dark Hole
Pot of Greed
Graceful Charity
Last Will

Snatch Steal
Imperial Order
Sixth Sense
Exchange of the Spirit
Last Turn
Time Seal
Call of The Haunted***
Ring of Destruction

Restricted (Allow 1 per deck – Main and Side Deck):

Morphing Jar
Exodia The Forbidden One
Right Leg
Left Leg
Left Hand
Right Hand
Twinheaded Behemoth
Dark Magician of Chaos
D.D. Warrior Lady
Treeborn Frog
Forest Guard Green Baboon
Spirit Reaper
Night Assailant
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
Gorz The Emissary of Darkness
E-Hero Stratos
Card Trooper
Snipe Hunter
Destiny Hero – Disk Commander
Raiza The Storm Monarch***
Heavy Storm
Premature Burial
Card Destruction

Monster Reborn***
Advanced Ritual Art***
Nobleman of Crossout***

Swords of Revealing Light
United We Stand
Mystical Space Typhoon
Limiter Removal
Level Limit Area B
Future Fusion
Overload Fusion
Dimensional Fusion
Chain Strike
Gold Sarcophagus
Giant Trunade
Smashing Ground
Brain Control
Torrential Tribute
Crush Card
Magic Cylinder
Ojama Trio***
Mirror Force
Ultimate Offering
Gravity Bind
Mind Crush
Trap Dustshoot
The Transmigration Prophecy
Wall of Revealing Light

Semi-Limited: (Allow 2 per deck – Main and Side Deck)

Cyber Dragon***
Light and Darkness Dragon***
Foolish Burial***
Book of Moon***
Mage’s Power***
Magic Stone Excavation***
Manticore of Darkness
Mask of Darkness
Destiny Hero – Malicious
Reinforcement of The Army

Royal Decree

Unrestrict (You can put 3 of it in Your Deck/Side Deck)

Green Gadget**
Red Gadget***
Yellow Gadget***
Apprentice Magician***
Pot of Avarice***
Creature Swap***
Reckless Greed***

Blue = Change/Different from Previous Ban/Restrict List

Credit from Gondora, Yugiohth Board, Scan From Shinji116’s Blog and Nintendo World BBS

About This Ban/Restrict List : Now Gadget become 3 again look like we will see another Gadget Meta, Raiza become 1 because It’s the most popular Monarch. Monster Reborn come back but Call of The Haunted got ban it seem like Konami want player to have 2 Cards for reviving Monster from the graveyard and Now Advanced Ritual Art become 1 Demise OTK will weaker than before What I hate most is Reckless Greed/Creature Swap/Apprentice Magician now you can put 3 of it in your deck for reckless greed you got extra cards and a lot of advantage if you can draw 2 of it together. 3 Apprentice Magician along with 2 Book of Moon can cause some problem Reverse Monster are Powerful now.

February Event Schedule

January 30, 2008

Friday 1-3 First Evolution Match begin Prize Cards is Dragonic Knight and Dandylion

Friday 8-10 Evolution Match start again for Second Time

Friday 15-17 Duelist Trial Start Cards in this Event is Machiners Soldier and Commander Covington

Friday 22-24 Gunslinger Start Cards in This Event is Puppet King and Machiner Force

Friday 29-2 March Second Evolution Match Start Prize Cards is Machiners Defender and Forest Guard Green Baboon

Duelist Trial and Gunslinger still available, From Now On YU-GI-Oh Online have 4 Main Event 1.Championship 2.Duelist Trial 3.Gunslinger 4.Evolution Match

Since “Evolution Match” was added as a Main Event It’s mean Konami can release more Promo in Event Now. We can get Promo quicker than before.

Last 2 Week only Bug Fixed nothing was added

This Month V-Jump OCG New Ban/Restrict List March 2008 will come, We can see it as a Guideline for Next Online Ban/Restrict List, I will post it on 18 because 16-17 I have a Test and I am sure info from This V-Jump will coming fast.