JPN Card Rate

Japanese Cards Rate is a Rate Chart from Japanese Player to see which card is rarer, How rare it is.They update it often and change a Rate when New Cards come.

News Card Rate at 2008/03/20 08:52:27

【1】TP Championship Cards >Exodia Necross
【2】Soul Taker, Dark Ruler Vandalgyon > Dark Paladin > The Tricky > Skull Zoma
【3】Rare Loser’s Card (Thunder Kid/Haniwa/White Dolphin) > USA Promo Red Eyes Black Dragon Green Background, Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, Dark Dreadroute, Ocean Dragon Lord – Neo Daedalus
【4】Red Eyes Darkness Dragon, Infernal Flame Emperor, Emes The Infinity, Alkana Knight Joker, Theinen The Great Sphinx, Vampire Genesis, Exxod, Master of The Guard, Gilford The Legend, Machiners Force
【5】Warrior Lady of The Wasteland, Calamity of The Wicked, Stauch Defender, Dark Magician’s Tome of Black Magic, Rigras Leever > Legendary Fiend, Blockman
【6】 MP100, Chimera The Flying Mythical Beast, Familier Knight, Pyramid of The Light > Puppet King, Rancer Dragonute, Overpowering Eye, Owner’s Seal
【7】 V-Jump Promo Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon, GS 5 Win Alternate Art, Luster Dragon > MP50, Triage > Dark Necrofear, Nightmare’s Steelcage, Fiend’s Sanctuary, Blood Sucker, Canyon
【8】Foolish Burial, Lord of Dragon, Goblin Zombie, Crush Card Virus, Gale Dogra, Legacy of Yata-Garasu, Marshmallon, F.G.D.
【9】 Magical Merchant, Slate Warrior, Gadget Set, Command Knight, Strike Ninja, MP30 > Anniversary Trial 50 Kuriboh, Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Cold Wave, Shield Crush, Summon Priest, Shrink
[10] Magical Mallet, The Fluting of Summoning Kuriboh, Abyss Soldier, Peten The Dark Clown, Terra Forming, D.D. Scout Plane, Gorz The Emissary of Darkness, Grave Keeper’s Spy, Magician’s Valkyrie, Card of Safe Return, Toon Dark Magician Girl, Dark Ruler Hades
[11] Thestalos The Firestorm Monarch, Crystal Seer, D.D. Assailant, Evolution Match Set, D.D. Warrior Lady, Jar of Greed, Injection Fairy Lily

Clock Tower of Prison, Reversal Quiz, Fuhma Shuriken, Stealth Bird, Heart of The Underdog, Just Desserts, Phoenix of Nephthys, D.D. Crow, Soul Exchange, Ojama Trio, Sapphire Pegasus, Zombie Master, D.D. Survivor, Dark Scorpian Meanae The Thorn

TP > GS > MP, Discontinued Cards > Current Pack

Japanese Cards Rate didn’t rate some cards and sometime it missing some cards, Don’t call it a wrong rate because some cards aren’t in it.

Translate from

402 :名も無き冒険者:2008/03/20(木) 08:52:27 ID:c6WU6Ncq >>325から
【7位】VJ、GS5絵違い、サファイアD>MP50、方舟>ネクロ、鉄檻、サンク、サッカー 、断層
【11位】炎帝、水晶、アサイ 、エボセット、異次元女、瓶、リリー

クロスソウル、トリオ、サファイアP 、ゾンマス、生還者、ミーネ

USA Promo Red Eyes Black Dragon Green Background is Special Duel Pass bundle with Shonen Jump May Edition during 2005/4/28

and This Duel Pass also bundle with YU-GI-OH Duel Monster Beginners Pack 2005

You got 30 Duel Point with Special Card Red Eyes Black Dragon Green Background

V-Jump Promo is Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon Duel Pass bundle with V-Jump November Edition during 2005/9/21

You got 10 Duel Point with Special Card Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon

Even it’s a Rate Chart don’t strict with it too much, just trade for what you and other want it’s ok.

75 Responses to JPN Card Rate

  1. QuickStrike87 says:

    Will you be updating this regularly as I cannot read japanese on their site?


  2. RomanJaden says:

    Sunnygx copied this info and pasted it on his site what a jerk 😦

  3. spiritofsword says:

    I will update it when I have a time but not too often like original (JPN Game2Channel They update it very often).

    I already know about it but I think a lot of people who come to visit my blog know that this post are original creat by me.

  4. QuickStrike87 says:

    A lot of people take info. from this site, but they should give credits.

  5. ronskull says:

    Ok rare metal Dragon lost value again, but is a TP card, and if i say “offer soultaker for rare metal Dragon”, all people in the lobby answer with a “lol”, the rest i think is ok.

  6. spiritofsword says:

    Wait It’s not Rare Metal Dragon it’s Rare Loser’s Cards such as Thunder Kids or Haniwa or White Dolphin I am blur again sorry.

    When I translate I see only Rare word so I type Rare Metal since it’s only card with rare in it’s name but it’s not, I edit this post already if you find something strange leave your comment I will check and correct it later.

  7. oppoi says:

    TP Championship Cards include rare metal dragon!!

  8. Konami Cheats says:

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    Must be level 2 or superior
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  9. WindOfFate says:

    This post has been written after the 200,000 views .. currently on 201,922 hits…

    My user game ID is WindOfFate and I’m always on DA english A…

    Right now it’s 12:17 AM EST .. which is 9:17pm PST

    Contact me @ if I’ve won.. thx =D

  10. apocalypsmage says:

    did this dude actually get anything?

  11. Contest is indeed real says:

    I’ll be around in the weekends. I’ll try to contact you. 5 Vandy + 2 TP card okay with you?

  12. WindOfFate says:

    I’m more than satisfied with it =) … I wasn’t expecting that much…

    Around weekend is fine with me… you can set up a time and day to meet (don’t forget time zone) .. I’ll be there for sure… just let me know first

  13. apocalyosmage says:

    lol i guess thats one of the ways to become super ‘rich’ ygo-wise…- post a comment.

  14. brar92 says:

    WindOfFate did u accutally get the cards ? If you did that would have been sweet 😀

  15. WindOfFate says:

    nope… I still haven’t received any news from him =/ …

  16. WindOfFate says:

    his account was banned…

  17. WindOfFate says:

    # WindOfFate Says:
    January 13, 2008 at 3:37 am

    his account was banned…

    Hey dude! Are you trying to impersonate me?

  18. apocalyosmage says:

    lol…what the hell

  19. DEFGIS says:

    I dont think the rate is perfect, since d.pal and necross seems

    to be worth more then rare loss card 😛

  20. dayve says:

    iuno if your contest is still on or not but I know the site has hit 238,780 hits now.
    My username is firewalker,
    I am usually infront of shops in duelist academy,
    the time in PST is 9:04 am right now
    thnx very much appreciate wat ur doing makes things a lot easier for game.

  21. magikarp says:

    if it is still on, im magikarp, and i am on reguarly.

  22. xNEKx AzNKok says:

    wow all u fagget thing he will giv lol he juz need attention= thatz all

  23. Drewmiester7 says:

    u guys are so damn stupid wind of fate u actually believed that scammer? thats retarded no offence and u even tried to schedule a time to meet him LMAO…and all u others thougt it would happen apoc and brar u guys seriusly are reatrded how do u think he has so many cards if the dude said he has only played 6 months dumb idiots no offecnce

  24. dre says:

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