YOC Spring 2008 Duel Disk

YOC spring 2008 will award you Battle City Blue and academy blue Duel Disk for competing in it.

It’s a same Duel Disk you got after competing in YU-GI-OH Online Championship Summer 2007, However spring 2008 also give you a New Duel Disk for Qualifiers, It’s Blade Silver and Battle City ß Silver.


Credit Pics From BOHBONO5 Second’s Blog

*BCM = Battle City Model

Every YOC will award you a new Duel Disk for competing in it you will get it no matter you win or lose. Qualifiers and winner got the same Silver and Gold Duel Disk in every season but This season you got an old Blue Duel Disk [if you already got it from Summer 2007 you didn’t get it again]

This is first season Konami given away an Old Duel Disk and given a new duel disk to Qualifiers maybe Winner will get Blade Gold and Battle City ß Gold

I don’t know If this is the first time you are qualifiers you got 4 Duel Disk? 2 old Silver Duel Disk+2 New Silver Duel Disk? or you get only 2 old disk and after you are qualifiers again in next season you got 2 New Duel Disk?

33 Responses to YOC Spring 2008 Duel Disk

  1. James113 says:

    so do we get the Blade Silver and Battle City ß Silver if we got the Battle City Blue and academy blue Duel Disk. or no plz tell me thanks you :0

  2. Sirion says:

    No you get the silver dics when you win one of the preliminary rounds and are qualified for the final round in YOC. You get blue disk only for competing in the tournament.

  3. James113 says:

    oh thx

  4. James113 says:

    so say like if i lose the first round will i still get the Blade Silver and Battle City ß Silver

  5. James113 says:

    so i got to win

  6. Sirion says:

    To get the Silver disks you have to qualify for the final round, it means you have to win the whole preliminary round.

  7. James113 says:

    what that sucks
    i all ready got the blue duel disk =(

  8. Lamer4o says:

    cool disks

  9. James113 says:

    that sucks i got it to the 4th round and i thought you get the silver duel disk but it was not far and i duel a girl who had a burn deck and lost but oh well

  10. Grave says:

    Any idea where I can get the graphics to make a fan character?

  11. duncan says:

    how do we get one

  12. stevi says:

    how do i get a dueldisk? and how do i qualify?

  13. shiron says:

    hai guys are you are win in the duels hah I get lose the 1000000 duelist huh I m get the champin in my card”wicked god avatar”

  14. king jaba says:

    stevi you must go too mall or the product yugi oh company’s whit http://www.yugi oh -card.com I get the information in the internet that I get a card the name is card tenma yuoku

  15. shiron says:

    boybs are you have a card yugi oh huh you are lOse for my card”wicked god avatar ” his card in the hand tenma yuoku

  16. madallion says:

    how do i get an avatar or duel disk or anything how do i set up the account 2 join this……please help

  17. eragon says:

    I have got winner

  18. mojahed says:

    ¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶

  19. Dayran says:

    What I do for buy Duelpass in Brazil ?

  20. Antoine says:

    can i have a duel disk

    • oscar says:


  21. elyce says:


  22. GMTopDecker25 says:

    459685 oder 459688/

  23. Ponn says:

    I like the blue one

  24. oscar says:

    I have all the cards released in 2010

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