Duel Evolution Anniversary Trial 50

Anniversary Trial 50 Event will start for a second time on 04:00 26/10/2007 (BST) – 02:00 on 9/11/2007(GMT).

It’s Special Event to celebrate Over 2 Million Account Creat, Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE DUEL EVOLUTION now has over 2 MILLION registered users!!

In “Anniversary Trial 50” You can win amazing prize cards depending on your total number of wins!

There will be a unique prize card for every win you pick up until your total wins reach 50, 50 Different Cards in this Event Now we know 3 prize cards in This Event From V-Jump 12/2007 it is Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, XYZ Dragon Cannon, Gorz The Emissary of Darkness.

Only new card in this event is Gorz The Emissary of Darkness.

From the 51st win onwards, the same prize cards will be given to you in random order.

If you lose a duel, you will draw a card from the special “Loser’s Pack“.

“ANNIVERSARY TRIAL 50” is a world wide event where users from all regions can take part! but You must be L.V.2 or Higher in order to play in this event.

The “ANNIVERSARY TRIAL 50” is held in its own special lobby which can be accessed from the Duel Academy Server. (Red Door)

All duels during this event will be Single Duels with opponents being matched automatically It cost 1 Duel Point per duel like other single duel format.

From http://www.yugioh-online.net/top/english/de-2milion/index.html

All Cards in This Event can go to see at http://www.geocities.jp/yugiohonlinepart000001/an2.html

This Event Include Nearly Complete GS/DT Cards from YU-GI-OH Online 1.

Missing Cards From YU-GI-OH Online 1 Event (Not include in this Event)

Soul Taker, Stauch Defend, DARK MAGICIAN’S TOME OF BLACK MAGIC, Rigras Leever, Legendary Fiend, CHIMERA THE FLYING MYTHICAL BEAST, Kunai with Chain Alternate Art, Cosmo Queen, Kanan The Sword Mistress, Seiyaryu, Tri-Horned Dragon, Meteor Dragon, Meteor Black Dragon, Goddess of The Whim, Luster Dragon, Bright Castle, Insect Armor with Laser Cannon, Salamandra, Sebek’s Blessing, Panther Warrior Alternate Art, Flame Swordsman Alternate Art, Vorse Raider ALT Art, Crush Card Virus Alternate Art and some useless cards.

Cards from Special Loser’s Pack in This Event can go to see at http://www.geocities.jp/yugiohonlinepart000001/an2make.html


8 Responses to Duel Evolution Anniversary Trial 50

  1. obeliske06 says:

    van u tell me y i cant log in to game?
    when ever i try it say ( failed to connect the server)
    help me out ^^

  2. obeliske06 says:

    help me outtttttttttttttttttttttttttt plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. source0 says:

    AWWW man, the first card to win is exodia head ?
    I used for my last round tp prize !!

    waaa 😦

  4. DiegoSilang says:

    bright castle is also missing..not sure if that has been noted yet….thnx..

  5. Anonymous says:

    me too same prob

  6. raymAn says:

    how do you duel?????????? 🙂

  7. raymAn says:

    plz hlp

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