OCG Ban/Restrict List March 2008

OCG New Ban/Restrict List 1 March 2008 – 31 August 2008

Ban: (Not allow in Deck/Side Deck)

Witch of The Black Forest Witch
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of The Beginning –
Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End –
Chaos Sorceror
Fiber Jar
Makyura The Destructor
Sinister Serpent
Tribe Infecting Virus
Magical Scientist
Cyber Jar
Thousand Eyes Restrict
Cyber Stein
Victory Dragon
Magician of Faith***
Breaker The Magical Warrior***

Harpy’s Feather Duster
Butterfly Dagger – Elma
Mirage of Nightmare
The Forceful Sentry
Change of Heart
Painful Choice
Delinquent Duo
Cathedral of Nobles
Dark Hole
Pot of Greed
Graceful Charity
Last Will

Snatch Steal
Imperial Order
Sixth Sense
Exchange of the Spirit
Last Turn
Time Seal
Call of The Haunted***
Ring of Destruction

Restricted (Allow 1 per deck – Main and Side Deck):

Morphing Jar
Exodia The Forbidden One
Right Leg
Left Leg
Left Hand
Right Hand
Twinheaded Behemoth
Dark Magician of Chaos
D.D. Warrior Lady
Treeborn Frog
Forest Guard Green Baboon
Spirit Reaper
Night Assailant
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
Gorz The Emissary of Darkness
E-Hero Stratos
Card Trooper
Snipe Hunter
Destiny Hero – Disk Commander
Raiza The Storm Monarch***
Heavy Storm
Premature Burial
Card Destruction

Monster Reborn***
Advanced Ritual Art***
Nobleman of Crossout***

Swords of Revealing Light
United We Stand
Mystical Space Typhoon
Limiter Removal
Level Limit Area B
Future Fusion
Overload Fusion
Dimensional Fusion
Chain Strike
Gold Sarcophagus
Giant Trunade
Smashing Ground
Brain Control
Torrential Tribute
Crush Card
Magic Cylinder
Ojama Trio***
Mirror Force
Ultimate Offering
Gravity Bind
Mind Crush
Trap Dustshoot
The Transmigration Prophecy
Wall of Revealing Light

Semi-Limited: (Allow 2 per deck – Main and Side Deck)

Cyber Dragon***
Light and Darkness Dragon***
Foolish Burial***
Book of Moon***
Mage’s Power***
Magic Stone Excavation***
Manticore of Darkness
Mask of Darkness
Destiny Hero – Malicious
Reinforcement of The Army

Royal Decree

Unrestrict (You can put 3 of it in Your Deck/Side Deck)

Green Gadget**
Red Gadget***
Yellow Gadget***
Apprentice Magician***
Pot of Avarice***
Creature Swap***
Reckless Greed***

Blue = Change/Different from Previous Ban/Restrict List

Credit from Gondora, Yugiohth Board, Scan From Shinji116’s Blog and Nintendo World BBS

About This Ban/Restrict List : Now Gadget become 3 again look like we will see another Gadget Meta, Raiza become 1 because It’s the most popular Monarch. Monster Reborn come back but Call of The Haunted got ban it seem like Konami want player to have 2 Cards for reviving Monster from the graveyard and Now Advanced Ritual Art become 1 Demise OTK will weaker than before What I hate most is Reckless Greed/Creature Swap/Apprentice Magician now you can put 3 of it in your deck for reckless greed you got extra cards and a lot of advantage if you can draw 2 of it together. 3 Apprentice Magician along with 2 Book of Moon can cause some problem Reverse Monster are Powerful now.

48 Responses to OCG Ban/Restrict List March 2008

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Aaron Wakling

  2. Kevin2003 says:

    oh wow thats a big chance and MONSTER REBORN lol that will be funny to use

  3. ArchiPL says:

    monster reborn its back nice but breaker and call of the haunted its bann lol thahts bad


    Reborn has been out so long, I almost forgot what it looked like. lol

  5. dassad says:

    yeah monster reborn, i love it XD
    but i will miss call :S

  6. Organics says:

    In a way Monster Reborn is less powerful than Call, because you can’t summon somthing with it during someone’s Battle phase…

    I’m am SQUEALING with glee that they limited raiza.

  7. coolfoolno1 says:

    cool reborns way better that call anyday and 3 gadgets awsome i feel a rebuild comming…..

  8. ArchiPL says:

    but why baned breaker the warrior this card its god

  9. Ryan says:

    but YES reborn is back. guess the cyber dragon are semi limited. aww 😦

  10. NecroGe says:

    is this the online banned or is this the real banned list???

  11. SbadSboyS says:

    real banned list^^

  12. ALMIR4 says:

    lol i dont know what ban list is worst? LOL it was enough to have 2x creature swap lol they are put it 3x now O_O

  13. dassad says:

    btw whats with Zaborg / möbius?

  14. RomanJaden says:

    Will this ban list happen on ygo online or just in tournaments in real life?

  15. dayve says:

    well im glad they unbanned monster reborn now we can steal opponents monsters, sad they banned breaker tho

  16. thechris123 says:

    am i the only one who noticed that jinzo is off the ban list completely

  17. Organics says:

    Jinzo isn’t a problem anymore.

  18. JJash13 says:

    omg…what?…why?…monster reborn back? call of the haunted gone? what is konami thinking

  19. gondora says:

    Why not unrestricted “The Transmigration Prophecy” while “Pot of Avarice” become 3 Light Lord Deck would be so strong. Easy to activate “Pot of Avarice”. About “Destiny Hero – Malicious”, why keeping it 2. They afraid of Destiny something deck? Putin it 2 is just waste the deck space for something else.

    For Caius the Shadow Monarch, I think it’s the marketing reason not to restrict it this time.

  20. USO36 says:

    wow monster reborn cool use it when it first came out now its back but no call and 3 jinzo wonder how its all going to play out.

  21. john lance says:

    why is snatch steal banned

  22. Foxack says:

    Is this really the next march 1st 2008 banned list??? does it apply in America???

  23. Foxack says:

    i need answer if anybody knows…..thank you!

  24. Anonymous says:

    This does not apply to america, this is the OCG(Original Card Game) list. We in America have TCG I think it is.

  25. Dan says:

    yeah monster reborn in back, now u can summon your oponents disk commander and Dark magicial of chaos, but 3 creature swaps your oppenent can still give u tehir disk commander or other carp in atack mode more easy (but hey so can you)

  26. Satellitenkanone says:

    I hate it -.- Now my Necroface is dead x.x

  27. Ninja says:

    wow what the crap man!!!! why the heck are they semi limiting my fn cyber dragons to 2? -_- now its ganna be harder to get out my fusions grrr!!!!!

  28. Crystal-beats Diamond Gryphon says:

    this is the worst and unreal ban list ive ever seen before.. is so fake!! if u wan the real ban list check the game in DS yugioh world championship 2008.. the real ban list is there and no monarchs, or dragons banned or whatever. well just check it if you not have a Ds try to download a DS amulator and the game i have one if someone wan it… well bye…..

  29. GMRockit says:

    wow…jinzo 3x is cool…
    monster reborn back 0.o wtf?

  30. monarchman says:

    Um can someone tell me how call is better the monster reborn I mean come on! Y would they un-bann monster reborn but bann call u get what I am saying?

  31. Chris Wakeling says:

    I was so hoping to see grand mole and snipe on here

    well mole was never gonna be banned because of it’s fusions, but this was really a good chance to drop snipe 😦

  32. Chris Wakeling says:

    cd limited to 2?

    thats a joke, it must be, no more future fusing to get cyber end out WTF Konami. worst decision ever

  33. GMRockit says:

    when will new banned list be in ygo online??


  34. Spring 2008 Y.O.C. Qualifer says:

    I wonder if this will affect the championship.

  35. red monkey 14 says:

    nooooo not da cyber dragons geeez huh man dats weak oh well but dats gay dat magician of faith is banned im glad bout da monster reborn though 🙂

  36. The ONE says:

    OMG i can’t believe that call is banned i used it in a duel i was winning and lost since i use lol. that sucked soo bad. but i am glad they brought back Monster reborn.

  37. The ONE says:

    i haven’t been on the list in so long lol so w’ever i didn’t know they banned call so sad.

  38. McAfreak says:

    Okay, this list is a little inaccurate. Monster Reborn is one of those cards that will NEVER EVER become unbanned – it’s a cheap effect! It was one of the first to go, and it’s there to stay, along w/ change of heart, pot of greed, dark hole, and tons of the other beginning cards. Never trust a banned list unless you check the official website to verify the cards on the list. Duh.

  39. McAfreak says:


  40. Kentaro says:

    “I’ve been complaining about this for a VERY long time, but I badly want Harpies feather duster and Raigeki back on.” T_T;

  41. rodikesh says:

    why the zombie master is not limited? its dominating in our country(philippines)…T_T

  42. NecX says:

    reason why call is banned coz it has a bigger potential threat, i can call n torrent, call durin battle phase, create double attack with combo like attack, mystical wok(gain hp) then call to attck. lol MR limited to your turn only. n cyber dragons has been overused, limited to 2 wont change much. there’s always proto cyber d. what i dont get is reckless greed. unlimited = ownage. ah well WOOHOO *adds 3 to all my decks 8D*. To all the whiners; shut up, suck it up. good players utilize and maximize restrictions n take advantage of em. THATS how u win tournaments. heh heh

  43. kenny says:

    what why is cyber dragon at 2? And razia is at 1? that is not cool

  44. Dragon16 says:

    dude put magician of fauth back in>PLZ

  45. superPeNgUiN says:

    they just totally destroyed cyber end dragon

  46. julius and darius says:

    why even ban cards at all it only makes it harder for the players and it messes up the players deck. the only people who should be happy about ban cards are the ones who suck.why ban cards i mean u could just have a limit to the amount of cards u can have in your deck but u don’t have to ban them it makes the game less interesting and more boring and it puts a limit on the players potential.

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